Healing is the restoration,

realization and/or maintenance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness. Research indicates that music is useful in a healing enviroment.

Healing Music not only benefits the patient but can help family and friends deal with stress, anxiety, anger and the grieving  process.

​       Healing Music with Bonnie Leigh, C.M.P.

Certified Music Practitioner

Music and Caring from the Heart

​     Care-Giving through Music

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on healing music 

"The Mountain Dulcimer and Healing Music"

In the webmagazine

"Dulcimer Sessions"

Published by Mel Bay

Edited by Lois Hornbostel 

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​  Bonnie Leigh, Certified Music Practitioner, brings pleasant and appropriate live music

to the bedside of the ill or dying patient using the small harp or mountain dulcimer.

MUSIC CAN.....................

  • Equalize and slow down brain waves
  • Affect respiration
  • Affect heartbeat, pulse and respiration
  • Reduce muscle tension and improve body movement
  • Affect body temperature
  • Increase endorphin levels
  • Regulate stress-related hormones
  • Boost the immune  system
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Stimulate a feeling of well-being
  • Ease the delivery process of a birthing mother
  • Provide Companionship
  • Provide a way to release emotions
  • Facilitate the transition process of the dying
  • Provide a segue for grieving
  • Reduce stress, relieve anxiety​

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